Here's How Long You Can Expect to Wait. This is the reason why good customer service simply isn’t good enough. Customer service is both a type of job and a set of job skills. Once you’ve considered your own experience on the customer side of customer service, it’s time to form your answer. Excellent customer service means going beyond meeting your customer’s basic needs. Even if I can’t solve their problem right then and there, they should feel heard. In this sense, support teams represent companies, speak on their behalf and handle the following issues: provide additional information about the product/service, Be honest. is likely to come up. What's an example of excellent customer service you've received before? It also involves listening carefully to customer wants and concerns. Kindness, … Representing the Values and Brand of Clients in Each Phone Call The truth is, companies just want to make sure that you have what it takes to provide quality service that'll keep customers satisfied and coming back. When was the last time you went into a coffee shop or retail store or restaurant or called a customer service line or live-chatted with an associate? Founded on the belief that data measurement leads to advancement, we manage the largest database of women-rated companies, and we use those insights to match our users to jobs and companies where they can achieve their goals. Use your definition to your advantage If they had to fire you, you would have had to say you were fired. Answer: “Customer service is the act of empathizing with our customers over points of friction they’re experiencing with our offerings. I once called a furniture company when the delivery date for dining was pushed back more than a month. To me, customer service means going above and beyond what’s expected of me in my job. Be the first to rate this company With helpful tips and example scripts, our guide to answering this interview question will help you get one step closer to landing that job. Did you prefer an experience that was friendly and empathetic? ${ company.score }. By signing up, you agree to InHerSight's Terms and Privacy Policy, You now have access to all of our awesome content. 1 Answer 25 I would like to work for Uniqlo to help maintain the establishment of this fast retailing company to the best of my ability and since I have a great interest in Japanese culture and Uniqlo is a Japanese owned company, I believe this is a great opportunity to learn and grow at a professional level. Consider the good and bad and use this as the starting point for your answer. Customer service means going above and beyond to keep the customer happy whether that means answering any questions they have or resolving issues with a positive attitude. The 5 Best Ways to Answer: Why Should We Hire You. View your dashboard to see your daily job matches. ", “Creative direction is more about reading the map in the passenger seat than it is having your hands directly on the steering wheel.”. When you’re looking at your customer profiles and … Great customer service is when you can quickly develop a strong connection and problem-solving rapport with the customer calling in.” On InHerSight, we connect women to jobs at companies where they can achieve their goals. Describe your customer service philosophy. In your interview clearly express your knowledge of what needs to be done to provide excellent customer service and highlight your customer service skills. Often, it’s the first and last contact your customers have with your business. In past jobs, I learned about the importance of working quickly to make sure every customer was satisfied, and I draw from this experience to give the best support that I can. Since I'm going to be a cashier, ringing up their items is all I have to do.”, “It means helping the customer – but they better have a good attitude and not annoy me with corny jokes.”, “Customer service means serving the customer. It’s super simple: attitude is everything in customer service. Customer satisfaction is the top priority and hopefully creating loyal returning customers how would you answer. “To me, customer service means having knowledge about store products and being patient when helping customers find what they need. 1 serving the customers politely and in a manner the customer feels not intimidated, 2 always ask a customer if they may need help--like taking things to the car as an example. Read more:The 5 Best Ways to Answer: Why Should We Hire You? “Customer service means doing exactly what's in my job description. I had a lot of unique style requests, but they were familiar with the inventory and took the time to help me find the perfect pieces.” As a job, customer service professionals are responsible for addressing customer needs and ensuring they have a good experience. Exceptional customer service means that you go above and beyond what the member expects, you take that extra step to make them feel that you understand what they are going through and you want this to be the best experience they have ever had. Not yet rated That might sound obvious, but the way you define it has a big impact on a variety of business decisions: how you structure your customer support organization, what team goals you set, and how individual reps talk to customers on a daily basis. “Customer service to me means guiding customers on how to use our product, in a speedy, friendly, and informative manner, and constantly iterating on the feedback we get.” … or whatever the end result is in your case. Focus your answer on the importance of sales, satisfying customer needs and making guests feel welcome. Have empathy. Better workplaces for women. What They Want to Know: Interviewers want to see how your definition … Great customer service means ensuring that customers and clients get the solutions they need quickly and efficiently. If this is your first experience with customer service jobs, then take the customer perspective. All of these things help me get in front of problems before they become problems. The customer service rep heard me out, told me they totally understood why I was bothered, and told me:‘hang tight, I’m going to figure out a way to get this to you in time. Customer service means anticipating problems before they even come up. Here are some ways you might respond to the question, what does customer service mean to you? What does customer service means to you? Interviewer’s point of view: If an interviewer asks you this question, one thing is sure – they are testing your perception of this job and your values, both as a customer service agent and as a customer. 2608 Erwin RoadSuite 148 #300Durham, NC 27705, Waiting to Hear Back on a Job Application? Excellent customer service goes beyond doing precisely as your expected, and it's more than having a smile on your face when the customer is looking. Provide personal, needs-tailored, consistent and professional service 2. That would be worse. Customer service is about focusing … What Does Good Customer Service Mean to You? “Good customer service means consistently exceeding customer expectations and going out of your way to help people solve their problems. In other words, you’ll have customers that are “wrong,” you’ll have customers that are angry or rude; what matters is how you respond. "What customer service means to me is that the customer always walks away having a postive experience," says Lisa Macgillivray, Marketing Director. Having the right team with the right tools for the right channels. For example, I recently flew home to be with my father during a serious surgery and had to rent a car. You can fool me once by providing an exceptional experience on a single event. Customer service involves being a kind, courteous, and professional face for the company. I do this by really understanding the product and my customers’ needs—keeping in touch regularly, regular checks on progress, understanding the clients’ goals. Optimum Credit: Offer multiple support channels. After implementation, I followed up with an email to check in. What is customer service? It's one of the common job interview questions that stumps a lot of job seekers, but it shouldn't. Customer service (or customer support) is the assistance provided by store’s representatives to its clientele during the consumer buying processes. For anyone who’s interviewing for a customer service position, the question, what does customer service mean to you? Join InHerSight's growing community of professional women and get matched to great jobs and more! That … “Customer service means serving the customer. Each and every day. on a retail score this is some I remember lol. Don't say what you think the interviewer wants to hear – really put yourself in the customer's shoes. Most customer service positions will be focused … InHerSight is the career navigator for working women. Looking for another job, you can say the previous job wasn't what you were looking for and it wasn't a good fit. It means thoroughly listening to your customers when they tell you what they need. You may think that when it comes to customer service, most companies uphold the idea that the "customer is always right." Your answer should also reflect the customer service skills you have. Excellent customer service means that you actively seek out the opportunity to deliver more than the standard. "So no matter how many times they interact with the company, you want to make sure that they always walk away feeling good." Your interviewer is asking what customer service means to you, so feel free to add in a personal anecdote about a time you experienced really good customer service or when you provided really good customer service. What day are you hosting people?’ That attitude really put me at ease. It’s super simple: attitude is everything in customer service. Customers, in general, don’t ask for much. Tell Us … Attitude is everything. What Is Your Preferred Method of Communication? Read more:3 Right Ways to Answer: Why Are You the Best Person for This Job? Create a free account to get unlimited access to our articles and to join millions of women growing with the InHerSight community, Looks like you already have an account!Click here to login ›, If you already have an account, click here to log in. Beyond listening, customer service is doing everything in one’s power to efficiently and accurately serve each customer. Here's How Long You Can Expect to Wait. Anonymously rate your current or former employer now to unlock our one-of-a-kind resources. You can start your answer with something like: Customer service is about facilitating satisfying, helpful interactions to help create and maintain loyal customers. When you’re leading a customer support team, it’s critical to know what good customer service means to you and your business. Fast and to-the-point? I explained that I needed the table in time for Thanksgiving and asked if there was anything they could do. Her first hourly job was as a barista at Caribou Coffee. 3 Right Ways to Answer: Why Are You the Best Person for This Job? That does not sit nearly as well with a prospective employer and you can't lie. And what’s needed to normalize and uphold equity in your company's culture, It's not illegal, but it's toxic just the same, "It’s easy to write code, but creating something that others find value in is even better. Alex is a Growth Marketing Manager at Snagajob, where she works with sales to help connect businesses with the right workers. Duh!”. This question requires a prepared mission statement … "What does customer service mean to you?". Think back on what made that experience memorable and what exactly the worker did to help. Read more:Waiting to Hear Back on a Job Application? At InHerSight, we use data to help women find and improve companies where they can achieve their goals. This really made my customers know that I was actively looking for a solution and added an extra touch of attention. Excellent customer service is defined by consistency. As a skill set, customer service entails several qualities … I am committed to knowing as much as I possibly can about the services/products that your company provides so that I will be able to provide clients the very best solutions. You want your answer to include some elements of: 1) Attitude2) Problem-solving3) Product awareness4) Efficiency, “Customer service means going above and beyond to keep the customer happy, whether that means answering any questions they have or resolving issues with a positive attitude. Duh!” You want your answer to include some elements of: 1) Attitude 2) Problem-solving 3) Product awareness 4) Efficiency “Customer service means going above and beyond to keep the customer happy, whether that means answering any questions they have or resolving issues with a positive attitude. Effective customer service is crucial to business success in almost every industry. When they call your referenced, they would find out you were fired. One of your employees showed those traits when I was here shopping. This means that you are going to provide professional customer service directly with the customer and answer every question and concern the customer may have. Expert Answer Customer services means having good knowledge about your product and services, so that you can fulfil your customer requirements and make them sa view the full answer But they do go elsewhere if their preferred source fails to do the following: 1. Customer satisfaction is the top priority, and hopefully creating loyal, returning customers.”. Customer service is an important part of retail and hospitality. You really have to be able to relate to a customer to deliver a great experience. Customer service means helping, meeting peoples needs, and creating a good image for the company. In my last job, when I received a customer complaint by email, I made a point to respond with a plan by phone. Customer satisfaction is the top priority, and hopefully … Before going into the interview, think about what you consider to be good customer service. A customer service job applicant who demonstrates this fundamental understanding of what is meant by customer service will get the serious attention of a potential employer. It was such a small thing, but I felt like I had someone on my team. Kindness, patience, a smile, and good listening skills go a long way in making a customer feel valued.

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