The librarians are very experienced and will help support you with lots of parts of your studies. Show All Facebook. For more information go to Bell Times. It has the prime purpose of keeping students, parents and families informed. Lyn Tuckwell is the Careers Adviser - she can be found in the Library. Period 5 : 1:55 – 3:10, St. Mary's High School What should I do if I have been absent from school? ~ Emily, Twinkle, Rushvi, Suravi, Amelia, Kirralea, Josphin and Zahra. Anything in dress code. Homeroom : 10:15 – 10:20 ~ Tanvi, Nadeem and Kirsten, You can always ask someone for help, including a Student Mentor, a teacher or another student. While the marks you get in Year 11 don't count towards your HSC result or your ATAR, it is good to do the best you can to set yourself up to do well in Year 12 and to decide if you are doing the right mix of subjects. ~ Jayden, Yes. Where can I go when I am struggling? Sometimes it can be as simple as when you go to a new class, talking to the person you sit next to. You can also talk to your teachers and your Student Adviser for help in making your decisions. Any absence from school has to be explained within seven days of the absence. People are very supportive and approachable - and actively seeking assistance helps ensure that you get it. (buses depart @ 11:45 & 11:55) 1:30 pm – 2:45 pm (75 minutes) Synchronous (online) afternoon class. Some courses run tutorials for free outside of school hours, normally after school but sometimes before school. Period 3 - 10:26 am - 11:14 am. Your Cluster is like what other schools might call a house group. What are the bell times on a normal school day? Downstairs classrooms always have a "0" as their first number (e.g. What do I do if I need to go to the bathroom during class time? Which teacher do I see for technology issues / internet / set up of devices? If you don’t know what to do, pick the subjects you enjoy the most or a wide variety of subjects in each area to keep your options open. (NOT currently in effect – see above schedule), Warning Bell : 9:00 You can leave the school premises during lessons when you don't have a scheduled class and during recess and lunch - but you must be back in time for your next class. Click to View Handbook Enter the Full Website. The Caf is a good place to meet people and a place to get food. Asynchronous (online) afternoon class The Principal and Deputy Principals can be found in the front office. Events. ~ Nitish, Krishna, Cinthia, Adriana, Zainab, Julius, Lam, Dang, Laiba, Afra, Aiman, Caitlin, Selvy, Farah, Eden, Jenny, Myiesha, Sajal, Jeveshni, Lara, Milan, Shreya, Tahir, Reza, Mary and Samina. ~ Zahra, Teone, Adriana, Sanjana and Jayati. Find St. Marys Junior Senior High School test scores, student-teacher ratio, parent reviews and teacher stats. ~ Thuwana, Ruchelle, Laiba, Claude, Marjen, Caitlin, Selvy, Farah, Eden, Jenny, Myiesha and Sajal, address You can also compare schools' HSC results over the years and see a trend in ranking, Unit 3-4 cohort (with the average, max and min of school ranking). École St. Mary is a dual-track school offering instruction in French Immersion and English programs to students from Early Learning to Grade 6 in Lethbridge, Alberta and surrounding area. Period 2 - 9.32 am - 10.44 am. St. Mary Elementary School is part of the Halton Catholic District School Board and a proud member of the St. Ignatius of Loyola Family of Schools in Oakville Family of Schools St. Ignatius of LoyolaCatholic Secondary School Family You can see a Student Mentor to get their advice. What are some of the clubs at our school? Saint Marys Area High School 977 S St Marys St, St. Marys, PA 15857 Phone: 814.834.7831. You are able to run for the Student Representative Council, with elections for Year 11 reps happening in Week 5 of Term 1. She also teaches in the Tech Centre but it is best to see her in her office so she can talk you through what options are available to you. This is something you may take a little while to get comfortable with, but it is a feature of the mutual respect everyone has for each other at SMSHS. Students are to remain seated in the quad area until the lining up assembly.

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