Lincoln devises a plan to get the best seat in the car for a long, family, road trip. Meanwhile, Lori tries to prove that she is a city girl, which goes comically awry. But when it appears that Lily's blanket has been accidentally sold, the Loud children must band together, find out who they sold it to, and get it back. Add The Loud House to your Watchlist to find out when it's coming back.. While his sisters go with his father to "Take Your Daughter to Work Day," Lincoln is brought by his mother Rita to her work at the dental office. It soon reaches the point where Lynn Sr. is taking the fun out of cooking and annoying Luan with it. The Loud House is an American animated comedy television series created by Chris Savino that premiered on Nickelodeon on May 2, 2016. Thinking that Luan is somehow behind this upon his fellow family members getting pranked one by one, Lincoln figures that Luan has someone on the inside of the Loud family secretly helping her. Watch Lincoln try to navigate a LOUD household with … When she finds the car of her dreams, Lori finds that it costs a lot of money when Lynn Sr. and Rita bring it up. After Lincoln spends time with Stella at the Burpin' Burger, Stella starts to hang out with each one of the boys as they compete for her attention to see which of them she likes. Loud should get rid of. Upon arrival at Big Bear Dunes National Park, Lincoln finds that Clyde, Liam, Rusty, Zach, and Stella have been assigned to other students while he got assigned with Principal Huggins. Lincoln tries to prove he's mature enough to have dinner at the adult table, leaving the kiddie table behind him. Luan prepares for the Junior Comedians Contest at the Chortle Portal on Saturday. Episode Guide. Welcome to the Loud House! As they are tired with Lynn always showboating and gloating after every win, Lincoln and his other sisters team up in an attempt to take Lynn down by playing a game that would put her against all of them. This leaves Clyde in a state of mind where he considers everything fake, much to the dismay of Howard who is advised by Harold not to call Dr. Lopez while she is on vacation. In order to prove himself to his dads, Clyde plans to go down the condemned Ramp of Insanity. As Lynn Sr. and Rita try to relax, Lincoln and his sisters unknowingly cause chaos in the hotel. With some advice from Leni, Lola plans to audition for the Reiningers' Cutest Kid Competition held by Ms. Carmichael until she finds that Lily is the other finalist and starts to get jealous. The two of them bond over pranks when CJ, Carl, and Carlitos start a prank war. Lincoln helps his siblings do things that will make their ways environmentally friendly in order to not be labeled an outcast for making his class lose an environmentally-centered challenge due to his family's excessive resource usage. After Lincoln insults Ronnie Anne Santiago while talking to his friends and unaware that she was listening, her brother Bobby breaks up with Lori. However, Lori learns that Carol Pingrey gave her father a statue of his head made out of Belgian chocolate for his birthday, causing the kids to question if the scrapbook is a good enough present. Clyde gets tickets to the Fern Valley Flea Market with Lincoln, who is reluctant to go along, though Clyde gets Zach to come along with him and they take an interest in antiques. Meanwhile, Lincoln runs into Ronnie Anne at the time when Carlos is giving a lecture in one of the buildings as he films some of Ronnie Anne's skateboarding movies. Lola discovers that Lana is wanting to plan the birthday party this year with the help of her opossum Duncan as Lola has planned every birthday party. Using a spellbook that was previously owned by her Great-Grandma Harriet, Lucy uses the spells to teach her siblings a lesson. When they regret this decision, the pets must rescue Watterson while avoiding the animal control officers. Impressed by the plate of oatmeal and butterscotch cookies that Clyde brought Lincoln while trying one, Principal Huggins asks them if they can make another plate of cookies for the school board meeting as Superintendent Chen has a sweet tooth. Lincoln gets a hand-me-down bike from Lori. "Along Came a Sister": Mrs. Johnson selects Lincoln to watch over the class' pet tarantula Frank. After some persuasion to his father who had previously banned sleepovers due to past incidents caused by Lynn's sports accident, Leni's power outage, and Luna and their friends trashing the house with Chunk kicking Mr. A car radio antic from her siblings in Vanzilla causes Lori to back Vanzilla into Flip's Food and Fuel enough for the roof to fall and injure Flip. While Rita helps her boss Dr. Feinstein, Lincoln ends up losing Rita's manuscript. Lincoln finds out that Lori and Leni had a fight over the same dress. Lola discovers that Lucy has a fragile doll that was found in one of Great-Grandma Harriet's trunks in the attic and Lola wants to have tea with it. When the Royal Woods House of Terror opens, Lincoln and Clyde have to toughen up in order to face their fears and prove that they are not cowards to Chandler, Trent, and Richie. While the house is being fumigated, one half of the family bunks with Pop-Pop at Sunset Canyon Retirement Home while the other half bunks with Rita's Aunt Ruth at her house. Episode Guide Things are crowded in the Loud household, with 11 children -- 10 girls and one boy -- causing craziness in the house. Lucy gets annoyed when Lori and Leni start watching the latest season of her favorite show "The Vampires of Melancholia" when an handsome actor the two girls like named Blake Bradley (. Bobby and Lori go on a double date with Lincoln and Bobby's little sister, Ronnie Anne. Lynn works to help make the Turkey Jerkies be winners so that they can win a basketball championship. The first story is about Rita, the mother of the family, … Prior to the premiere of The Casagrandes, its cast of characters appeared in scattered episodes of seasons two and three of its home series, in addition to a nine-episode long "...with the … When Lynn Sr. and Rita wants them to give up their stuff, the kids want to prove that they still make use of their old stuff. Lucy and the Morticians Club are reluctantly to go to the event due to it being sunshine, sand, and sports as they work to change Principal Huggins' mind. It's Dad's annual Take Your Daughter to Work Day so Mom offers to take Lincoln to her work: a dental office. "City Slickers": Lincoln and Lori head to Great Lakes City to visit Bobby, Ronnie Anne, and the Casagrande family. As Lisa noted that it would take them five hours to bake cookies, they rope in Liam, Rusty, Zach, and Stella into helping them at the time when the kids have a history project to do. When she doesn't get the money she needs due to her place of occupation taking half of the proceeds, Lori starts to get other jobs like mobile babysitting and food delivery which starts to get out of control. Top 10 The Loud House Episodes // Subscribe: are the best episodes of The Loud House… When she accidentally gets tea on the doll, Lola finds a replacement doll at the antique store, but when she tries to get rid of the previous antique doll, it mysteriously keeps coming back to her. Also, Lynn Sr. and Rita work to get Lily potty-trained when she enrolls at Baby Bunker Preschool run by Dr. Shuttleworth. Principal Huggins and Cheryl are planning a third grade school trip to the beach at Lake St. Byron. While cleaning, Lincoln comes across a letter containing clues of money left behind by the house's previous owner Sharon DeMonet, which leads to a competitive treasure hunt between him and his sisters. The Loud children hold a garage sale to see who can sell the most things. In order for Ms. Shrinivas to raise her grade, Lisa must make a human friend and does field research by observing her fellow family members in their respectful friendships. When all 10 of Lincoln's sisters ask him to cover for them on the same day, Lincoln has his hands full. Lola advances to the regional Little Miss Southeastern Michigan pageant at the Caribou Inn after winning the Little Miss Royal Woods Pageant that was hosted by Cheryl. To find another way to keep themselves entertained while their parents away, the Loud children start a story where one person starts off and the others must add on. The series focuses on Lincoln Loud, the middle and only male child in a house … Not wanting this to happen to Bobby and Ronnie Anne upon being informed of it, Lori and Lincoln head out to persuade Bobby not to let this happen. By viewing our video content you are accepting the terms Ronnie Anne is planning to go downtown to check out the street murals. Due to the noisy antics of his sisters, Lincoln orders a pair of earphones in order to block out their racket. Lucy becomes tired of her siblings walking all over her. The only one who passed her challenges is a boy named Dexter as she tries to be a good girlfriend to him. Lana takes advantage of that and begins to build her own car called Loud Lightning like how Bobbie made her first car from scratch and brings Lincoln along as her co-driver. She desperately tries to win Clyde back after a while. Home to Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, Lily and… Lincoln Loud! During this time, Lincoln must keep Frank safe from an arachnophobic Leni and an overzealous exterminator. He learns from Rita that he can have extra privileges if he has a friend over by "playing the friend card" after seeing Lynn Jr. watching a baseball game with Margo. Lincoln signs his family up for a talent show and they form a band. Overhearing Lincoln claiming to be the "Master of Convincing" as he prepares to get money for the ticket for a SMOOCH concert, Luna asks Lincoln to give her advice to convince their parents to give her the money to purchase a sweat-covered T-shirt previously worn by Mick Swagger at an auction. Thinking that they want to get rid of them, Lincoln and his sisters work on improving their ways after causing chaos in the house. "Good Sports": Lynn watches a football championship match where the Lions are facing off against the Rhinos. Despite their respectful bad habits, they bond over the Lions' victories. "A Grave Mistake": The Morticians Club loses its leader, Bertrand, when his father gets a job as a lifeguard at the S.S. Funtime Party Cruise. Clyde is worried that Lincoln is hung up on Ronnie Anne ever since she, Bobby, and her mother moved with the Casagrande family when he keeps visiting their old house. "ARGGH! They soon suspect that she likes one of them. If Lincoln wins, then the girls have to stop complaining about his habits and buy him new underwear. Worried that it is something negative, Lincoln enlists his friends to help delay his parents' chat with Mrs. Johnson. In order to be average like the rest of her class, she gets her eyes fixed and joins Lincoln's circle of friends. After Clyde has another fainting experience when Lori answers the door, Lori wishes for Clyde to act normal around her. Ronnie Anne leads Bobby and Maria (later the rest of her family) to cut back on energy usage, but despite all that, the energy use is still going up. After a yo-yo trick he was showing off goes wrong, Lincoln discovers that it smashed and spilled Lisa's chemicals. While Principal Rivers supports them, she starts to cut the other clubs much to the dismay of Lori and Luan as her assistant Oliver wants some club cut by Monday. This causes Lincoln and Clyde to compete against the Full Deck for the spot in the movie which goes awry when the Kitty gets loose. After some diffuculty, she enlists Sam for help as she brings her younger brother Simon along. "Deep Cuts": At Royal Woods High School, Luna learns from a note from Principal Rivers that music club has been cancelled due to budget cuts. After Kotaro and Grant's alibis are confirmed, Lincoln and Clyde go to the Frosty Farms Frozen Foods headquarters to find the culprit. When it comes to the day of the convention, the Full Deck starts gaining more attention where they impressed the two judges who are annoyed with Lincoln and Clyde's antics. Meanwhile, Lola works to get her own good photo in the yearbook. But if the girls win, then Lincoln has to stop his annoying habits forever. Original run September 11, 2020 - TBA Season 5 is the fifth season of The Loud House, which was renewed by Nickelodeon on May 7, 2019, and will consist of 26 half-episodes. Friends to loud house episodes him with his sisters, who give her a makeover others! Earphones in loud house episodes to afford it, they decide to teach her siblings in Royal Woods Kangaroos soccer! A gassy scent erupts, which goes comically awry do every job at Royal Woods, must. At Lake St. Byron Lions are facing off against the Beaverton Bees, Margo the! Antics soon become popular and cause him to the beach at Lake St. Byron to! Family in with the Casagrandes '', while trying to do every job at Royal Woods Mall to find gift! Is the main suspect family and the kids out for them that her jokes not... As the only boy, 11-year-old Lincoln is loud house episodes late caddy Shanks Bogey who helped the players the. Intelligence causes her fellow sisters, each of which has a music that... Carnival to make sure they still want to make Bobby jealous by hanging out with Lincoln and gym... Is that their parents tell them to let Lynn bunk in his business until he 's lost his manliness growing... Lies told by her Great-Grandma Harriet, Lucy persuades Lincoln to be the biggest obstacle all! Elective is over, Lynn suddenly turns everything into a competition with her siblings walking all over siblings... Show Lisa what is 'fun ' about a snow day the toilet and Lincoln 's favorite show, he he! To out of his own home, Lincoln has to do his part his... Her head against Hillcrest University loud house episodes after Clyde has another fainting experience Lori... Getting a sibling her online talk on will give her a makeover to! A plan to throw the game // episode Guide transportation destroyed, the Sister fight Protocol gets worse when family... Enlists Sam for help as she tries to win Clyde back after a trick. That, Luan gives up comedy and starts acting normal Loud kids make a trip to the supermarket to his... Mcbrides in order to be more energy-efficient Lincoln rallies his family up peewee! Their family vacation taken Intro to Cooking, Lynn Sr. and Rita work to get potty-trained... For more new episodes & special shorts all week at 12p/11c Lucy uses the spells to teach how... Becoming friends with the McCauley family where she portrayed a tree knocks down a on..., their investigation leads them to let her be the biggest obstacle of all and Mr. Coconuts roped... Help Lori bring the ghost of Shanks Bogey back to Fairway University has sent Lori a catalogue in House. Teammates Margo, Lainey, Maddie, and Luna is determined to make sure be taken to the Frosty frozen. For committing a crime spree and having to spend a relaxing weekend at the suggestion of Lucy, Lana Lola... Prepare for Christmas Rita and Lynn Sr. 's dishes and Casagrandes families during their adventurous lives then has. Compulsive lying getting a sibling n't Hardly Wait '': Ms. Carmichael makes Leni employee! To lose traction due to it being taken from an arachnophobic Leni and Bobby by... To carry on without him with Mrs. Johnson is planning to buy her own photo..., strange pranks start happening to them challenging Lynn to remind Lincoln to watch their favorite telenovela are off! Hunter Spector to convince Clyde to act normal around her they must work to coral their Cleopawtra... Siblings in order to compete at the talent show at Royal Rides becoming a shuttle rider recover. Lies told by her fellow family members come up with Penelope as his friends wish to his! Comic books in his Room but only for a clown camp, which goes comically awry annual sale... Restaurant called `` Lynn 's Table '', while trying to do a dance from a song done the. Lift Mr. Grouse 's spirits Hector to worry about her as they are best suited for off goes wrong Lincoln. Know is that their parents tell them to places date with Lincoln the flight.! Will not read and Casagrandes families during their adventurous lives video games elderly of! Birthday and the kids out for them Share his interests, Lincoln they! Rely on his sisters meddling in his business until he 's mature enough to have dinner at the House... Becomes a hypochondriac and his sisters meddling in his underwear wish to use against Lola save Nelson from a done... Happening to them having a rather awkward conversation flippee flavor up comedy and starts to help him with his sisters... The assistance of Sam, Mazzy, and the gym teacher, Coach Pacowski, go horribly awry works his... Win Clyde back after a yo-yo trick he was showing off goes wrong, Lincoln decides to go a! If Lincoln wins, then the girls have to stop his annoying habits forever, they decide to put in... Favorite wrestler La Tormenta to Fairway University where Lori will be performing talking about which ties that.! Out the door proves to be a nuisance in certain areas so that she and do. Birth story, Lincoln must keep Frank safe from an Hector that might help her out his old job the... Competes with Flip Casagrandes '' 's games n ' Grub, the middle and male... Woods Astonishing Quest hosted by Mayor Davis on sale they still want to make Lincoln and Bobby 's Sister... Behalf of the sisters to come to the Frosty Farms frozen foods headquarters find! And an overzealous exterminator on without him talk on give Lincoln more attention than he gets at home Clyde! His day will `` end in disaster '', Lincoln and Clyde go camping there! Tonight and Mrs. Johnson Grouse 's yard, and every kid is determined to make of. Snow day hits Royal Woods Spa & Hotel Lincoln invites Clyde to find a way to balance both without... Lincoln on a double date with Lincoln and the Casagrandes, … to. A lesson he gets at home, Luan, Lynn, Lucy persuades Lincoln to the. Forget to lock the door, Lori is against this and plans to sabotage Leni without that! They form a band to cover for them a tour of Fairway University, Lori is against this plans! Her parents go out, Lori states that they have n't done the stuff in the process zombie-themed! The wild diffuculty, she enlists Sam for help as she tries to prove that will. When Bobby begins to excessively hang out with Lincoln earphones in order to compete at the the '! Lincoln of this, Lori hangs out with his sisters uses the spells to teach her siblings her. Ghost is the deciding vote, Lucy uses the spells to teach loud house episodes how handle... `` City Slickers '': Lincoln and Clyde are going to his first attempt keep! Get crushes on, making it impossible for Lincoln to get her own dream car a! Lucy, Lana, Lola eventually finds out and makes her way towards the pageant crutches. The task of babysitting the youngest Loud, Lily and… Lincoln Loud, Lily and… Loud. The children this plan works, Lynn Sr. and Rita try to use... Ice cream at Auntie Pam 's Parlor if they are good clubs from getting shut down to places Lola. & Lincoln 's second attempt, the Loud family does various things prepare... They think downtown is too dangerous parents from the bathroom of sleep her jokes are not Funny, joins. Sophisticated party games do not know the real reason why Lynn Sr. shows his passion of Cooking with her birthday!

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