Transcript. In the diagram below, D lies on side AC such that BD is a median of the triangle. Question: As Shown In The Diagram Below, AC Bisects ZBAD And ZB D. B А Which Method Could Be Used To Prove AABC = AADC? School James Madison High School; Course Title GEOMETRY: (MA041; Type. See the answer. CE ED Side 3. The measure of Z.B is 40°. olve the inequality to find the number of books you have to read per month. Test Prep. Use this space for computations. A city engineer reviews a plan for four city streets. Show transcribed image text. You have to read x books per month. To prove that ∆AGE and ∆OLD are congruent by SAS, what other information is needed? What is the value of x? three angles of any triangle must add measure of angle REASONING 3. Your IP: Quiz You have 25 minutes. Which method could be used to prove ^ABC ˘=^ADC? What is the approximate remaining volume of the prism? The solution is t = This can be written as: . Using the Exterior Angle theorem, we know that

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